August 9, 2008

A First Step

So I began the preparation for veganism today: I bought a fridge and a microwave for my dorm. I figure I will want to have some vegan food staples in the fridge just in case the dining halls are unbearable or just to keep some snacks. Even though I'm wary of microwaves, the feeling of hot food somehow outweighs the risk of brain cancer. I'm in the process of inventing some good cup of noodles recipes that will hopefully come in handy at school.
I also heard a great clip on NPR the other day, which turns out is actually entertaining once I finally realized it's okay to like something my mom likes. This short clip is about why vegetarianism makes since. Even my mom was moved by this blip. She uses all information I know, but puts it quite eloquently:

Plus it turns out this lady has a podcast too

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