February 22, 2009

BBQ sando

Quick and easy snack I make all the time inthe dining hall. Just bread with vegan mayo, BBQ sauce, and tofu. Sometimes a add tomatoes etc, but sometimes I just love it simple and BBQ-y.

Dining Hall Vegan Pizza...sooo worth a walk in the rain

I trekked through the most intense storm of my life across campus just to get some vegan pizza. And it was completely worth it. This stuff was so rich and tasty. Not sure what brand of cheese it was, but it was really good, had pineapples and a thick doughy crust. Delish!

February 17, 2009

Definitely worth a listen...(Michael Pollan)

I heard Michael Pollan the other day on NPR and definitely thought it was interesting and you might too! This interview is jam-packed with info on the agriculture industry.


Oh and here he is!


Smoothies in the D-Hall?

Yep, ya heard right! In one of the dining halls across campus on certain days of the week there's a smoothie bar. It has various fruit, some fresh, some frozen, yogurt, and juices. My boyfriend made this vegan one for me. I think this is what he said was in it:

apple, banana, mango, pineapple, mixed berries

Definitely a winner!

Wait, you had what with your cereal? A GOOD IDEA!

So I had an idea today as I pondered the excessively sugary, annoyingly colorful, or ridiculously bland cereal choices at the cereal station at the cereal bar in the dining hall today. So rice krispies were the least offensive of the cereals, but it is just so bland. Turning around to see what I could spice it up with I spotted the coffee mugs...get it? Yes I mixed coffee with my cereal and yes it was great. Try this if you hate boring cereal:

Krispy Mocha
rice krispies (or any bland-ass cereal for that matter)
vanilla soymilk
chocolate soymilk

make a bowl of cereal like normal, add a dash of chocolate soymilk (depending on if your a mocha or latte person) then add a little sugar and a splash of coffee. Slice on some bananas for texture and extra delish-iousness! SO GOOD!

February 11, 2009

Healthy Tangy Tri-bean Tacos

So the other day the salad bar had not one, not two, but three types of beans! Overwhelmed by my choices, I had to use all three. So what better way than tacos to enjoy the black, white and garbanzo beans. These tacos were good:

Taco shell
black beans
white beans
garbanzo beans
red peppers 
lemon juice

Pile everything onto a taco shell. Eat!

Now THESE are animal rights activists...

An epic report on the show "Sea Shepherds". Ship ramming for the whales, rock on.

February 8, 2009

Salad Bar Hawaiian BBQ Tofu

Easy and god when there's nothing vegan in the dining hall. Just greabbed some tofu from the salad bar, pineapple (even though it was really shitty pineapple), doused it in BBQ sauce and microwaved it. Voila! A good snack!

Veggie burger Taco Meat in the dining hall

Normally when the taco bar has vegan "meat" it's seitan, but today it was crunched up veggie burgers. At first it looked like a rip off, but when I put it in my health food nachos, it was super good. I'm gonna remember this next time I make tacos at home and run out of the taco tofu. A good sub no doubt.

Sweeeeet, Sour, and Vegan

If I could taste one type of meat ever again, it would have to be sweet and sour pork. I don't know what is is about that oily, MSG-laden goodness that I always loved as a little girl, but I know that's all I wanted when we went out to Chinese food. After becoming a vegetarian, I discovered sweet and sour wheat puffs (fried...puffs of wheat? I don't know how to describe them) at a local Chinese food restaurant which seemed to do the trick. But now I have the ultimate: Sweet and Sour Tofu and Vegetables and pineapple right here at the dining hall. It has the same sauce as the meat stuff but is vegan and somewhat healthy. 

Swiss chard in the salad bar??

Couldn't pass up this goodness when I ventured to the distant dining hall across campus. Fresh chard as a salad green. Super fresh, super pretty, super good for me! I'll be trekking over there more often if they keep that up. Just mixed it with some bell peppers and vinaigrette.