February 17, 2009

Wait, you had what with your cereal? A GOOD IDEA!

So I had an idea today as I pondered the excessively sugary, annoyingly colorful, or ridiculously bland cereal choices at the cereal station at the cereal bar in the dining hall today. So rice krispies were the least offensive of the cereals, but it is just so bland. Turning around to see what I could spice it up with I spotted the coffee mugs...get it? Yes I mixed coffee with my cereal and yes it was great. Try this if you hate boring cereal:

Krispy Mocha
rice krispies (or any bland-ass cereal for that matter)
vanilla soymilk
chocolate soymilk

make a bowl of cereal like normal, add a dash of chocolate soymilk (depending on if your a mocha or latte person) then add a little sugar and a splash of coffee. Slice on some bananas for texture and extra delish-iousness! SO GOOD!

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Mihl said...

That sounds indeed amazing!