August 8, 2008

Well here goes nothin'...or somethin' rather!

The countdown has begun! 37 days until I stop eating all animal products. September 20 I leave for college (UCSC) , become a vegan, and lose my precious 1998 Volvo sedan. I'm scared but excited. Right now I eat yogurt twice a day and cottage cheese non stop and most of my favorite foods contain cheese. So I know this wont be easy, but this is why I'm starting my research now. I need to learn what will be available to me in the cafeterias and hopefully figure out some creative and crave-worthy meals to make with what I have.
Even though it will be no walk in the park, I'm headed to the right college for going vegan. At the orientation for college I chatted with some of the dining hall people and learned that they're actually very attentive to vegetarians, and often have options for vegans. For the next while I will be researching vegan products, what dining halls offer, and keep up to date on animal rights issues to fuel the fire.


Vegan_Noodle said...

You can do it!! Soy yogurt is pretty easy to get used to and I think most vegans stop missing cheese eventually (it actually sickens me to think of it now). Santa Cruz looks like a great place to go vegan! I will actually be on campus for recruiting in October... hopefully you'll post about your eating experiences by then so I will be able to find myself some good food!

Alanna said...

Best of luck on the vegan transition! It helps so much to be in a veg-friendly city, and Santa Cruz is a great place for that. (Incidentally, for a fancy meal, I highly recommend Malabar on Front Street... we had a wonderful meal there last fall, and I'm still dreaming about their Persian Nights smoothie!)