September 21, 2008

Eatin' Good In Neighborhood (and by neighborhood I mean the dining halls)

So being vegan in college is fun. Yes, that's the first word that comes to mind... after one day at least. It's like a puzzle, but not a hard puzzle like a rubix cube, more like a word search or something. UCSC has the dining hall options for the week listed on the net, so I check out my vegan options, and decide what cafeteria I will eat at by that. There's 5 different cafeterias each with different options depending on the night. Here was what I had today:

oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar, and soymilk
watermelon slices

vegan taco: rice, black beans, guac, tomatoes, salsa
salad: fresh mixed greens from UCSC farm w/ tofu, corn, peppers and vinagrette
corn on the cob rolled in tabasco and salt

So I flaked and missed the dinner hours in the cafeteria, so I had to resort to the microwave for dinner. I had this Indian chickpea thing which was probably better that the dining hall food and all I had to do was press a couple buttons! It's a premade package from Trader Joe's called Indian Fare: Punjab Choley and was delish and spicy! I also had some fruit I slipped in my bag from the dining hall and my trusty Trader Joe's tamari almonds.

Vegan Lesson #1: There's way more vegan food and most of it rocks....and corn on the cob rolled in Tabasco rocks too!

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