January 20, 2009

I just got HOOKED UP

So when I asked the dining hall manager for a new bottle of the vegan mayo that I had guilted the staff into purchasing about a month ago, he came with a few more surprises. After our conversation about getting some vegan cheese and meats in the sandwich bar, he had obviously taken me seriously as he told me to hold on for a sec and promptly returned with the items in the picture. Apparently he tried to order sliced fake meat for the sandwiches, but ended up with entire fake chickens..but what the heck! He got a really nice and tasty buttery spread made from almond oil and with a slight orange flavor and three types of cheese. Not only did he order this stuff for the dining hall, but let me take back everything pictured to "try out". Being vegan around here is kind of like being a princess. Well, not really and not always, but you get my drift. This was a great experience.


Vegetation said...

Wow, what an awesome haul! You're so lucky!

Zucchini Breath said...

you should def repay that compassion, somehow. Let them know you appreciate the effort.