January 11, 2009


Some late New Years resolutions for the dining hall:

-use as much of the organic salad ingredients (the salad bar has a side with only organic ingredients)
-eat more protein!
-talk to the dining hall staff to put up a sign informing students that free-range eggs are available upon request.
-talk to dining hall staff to put up flyers at the tables promoting a vegetarian lifestyle.
-get vegan cheese and tofurkey slices (we have mayo and fake chicken now!).


Amira said...

awesome resolutions!
love your blog :)

DJ Karma (of Vegspinz) said...

Your so lucky to be in Santa Cruz! My brother lives there, but isn't vegan. He told me about all the vegan restaurants and vegan choices down there- I live in Davis, which is NOT great for eating out. Anyway... just wanted to stop by and say hello!